Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am an obsessive list-maker. I write lists about what groceries to buy, who to call after work, what errands to run on my lunch break, what chores to do when I get home ~ the lists are endless!

Yet, even with all of my list-making, there just never seems to be enough time to get everything done.
I had to stay home from work on Friday because I was incredibly sick and positively run-down {just 2 weeks after starting my new job...eek!}. I think I not only put too much on my plate, but I put too much pressure on myself to get everything done.

I think that being a newlywed gives me the added pressure of wanting/expecting to be the perfect wife for my husband.

{Are you still considered a newlywed if you've been married for over a year? Our 2 year anniversary is June 6th of this year}.

I envision having all of my errands done during my lunch break, home-cooked meals every night, and a house so clean and beautiful, it brings tears to Martha Stewart's eyes. And when that doesn't happen {which is, um, never! At least not all at the same time}, I am way too hard on myself.

So, this week will be all about prioritizing, balancing, and re-organizing my life.

As a sort of preemptive strike, I did some research on how to simplify everyday tasks. Enter: Organized Home. This site offers tons of useful articles, links, and - my favorite - lists to help keep you organized.

I immediately printed out the "Favorite Recipes" list, which allows you to organize your family's favorite recipes by name, cookbook/source, page number, and comments. Now, when I am in a pinch for time, I can just pick a recipe from the list instead of wasting time searching through all of my cookbooks in hopes of randomly stumbling across a good recipe.

Another great tool is the "Master To-Do List". Although I write everything down in my planner, this list allows you to highlight the most important events that could otherwise be overlooked. I don't know about you, but I often find myself saying things like "What?! Next week is the beginning of April??". The great thing about this list is that is has space for you to write today's date as well as the "target date" for when each item needs to be accomplished. This will keep you from letting the days slip by and will help you stay on track.

The "Monthly Meal Planner" is an additional resource that will be helpful. I currently use mealsmatter.com for all of my meal-planning. Although I do {try to} enter all of the meals I plan on making, I am definitely a pen and paper kind of girl. So, it will be beneficial to have a monthly menu printed out and available to view at a moment's notice.

There are lots of other useful resources on the site, so I encourage you to check it out for yourself.

Does this ever happen to you?
If so, what have you found to be some good time-savers?


California Wife said...

Can't wait to hit up that website, it sounds like it's right up my alley! Thanks for the link :)

Mallory said...

I plan meals for 2 weeks and go grocery shopping for each thing I need for the 2 weeks. I used to roam the aisles and spend about $100, now I shop for 2 weeks and spend that much. It's great, plus I know what I'm going to make when I get home. I definitely recommend it.

McCarthy Designs said...

I am definately going to go and check it out. I know exactly what you mena about wanting everything perfect and when it isn't feeling like you failed. It seems that you are definately on the right track, I think that the most important thing to remember is that having a spotless house and having a home cooked meal every night really isn't that important when you look at life's priorities! Relationships are what we are here for!

Phoenix Peacock said...

I am the same way (and yes 2 years is newly wed.. our 2cd is on June 14!). I also have chronic illnesses which adds to the restraints on being able to accomplish everything on my to do lists, including save the world! haha. So what I've come up with is a "Must Do" List and a "Would like to do" list. Really focusing on what a "must" is and trying to limit it to things with true deadlines. I also make sure to add in some "self-care" like a bath or whatever. I break the day down into 10 or 20 minute intervals so that I know what I am doing at all times and don't loose focus. I also cook in mass so that I can freeze some of it to use later. And you can find some great healthy crock-pot recipes. And I agree with Mallory - plan ahead and buy accordingly.

emily said...

anything that can make my chaotic life more controlled is welcome! i love this site...thanks for sharing!!

and yes, ya'll are still newlyweds :)

The Hip Hostess said...

So much to do~so little time. Like you I am a habitual list maker, but found that all the little lists were out of hand. I discovered My Day calendar, & do list on Microsoft Office. It's on my desktop so I can quickly add to my to do list, check reminders, tasks etc. I'm been an incredible time saver for me and has eliminated all those little lists.

Jesse said...

I too am an obsessive list maker. Love my iphone for that reason and it's little note section.

Kim said...

GIRL, i feel your stress.

i don't have any tips because, well, i am the most unorganized person on the planet. one thing that helps me (which may not be possible for you with your job) is to dedicate a day to cooking/baking and freezing things. that way on days like, well, today, i had a crazy day and randomly had dinner guests. i popped a casserole dish of enchiladas i had made 2 weeks ago and froze in the oven.

it might be a crazy, exhausting day...but its homecooked meals at a great convenience later.

praying for you and your newlywed stress (i've been married a year and a half and am also feeling it). you just have to realize that you are not perfect, not martha stewart, and not superwoman!

take it a day at a time and don't make lists more than 7 items! it makes it way too stressful. :)

Miss Anne said...

we are QUITE alike.
I'm a list maker.
I make lists for meals.
I make lists for groceries.
I make lists of personal goals.
I make lists of to dos.
I make lists of blogs to read.
I make lists of my lists.
Woah, i need to simmer down!

:) thanks for the sweetness on my blog.

Keep writing your lists... they help to keep one sane and organized.

p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

L @ Salt and Sentiment said...

Oh darlin' I love lists! Thanks for sharing these keepers. And Yes! some say you have the first three years to be a newly wed. I say it's as long as you have the newly wed glow...and I think that has possibilities of staying forever. Sounds cheesy...but I dont care. I've seen 90 year old couples married for 65 years and as happy as they were after they just said I do!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i feel the exact same way you do! and i'm not a newlywed and i'm a stay at home mom! i thought for sure that when i became a sahm i'd always have a clean house, fresh laundry, and homemade meals each night. bahaha! who was i fooling?! only myself. anyways, i find it always beneficial to plan out my meals and make a list before i go grocery shopping especially since i am a coupon fanatic (not by choice... my budget makes me!). that way i spend less time and moolah at the grocery store. i need to go check out this site you speak of. it's sounds like a miracle worker. : )

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