Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog it Forward : 3.5.10

I am thrilled to be one of the 300 bloggers participating in "Blog it Forward", a sort of blogging chain letter created by Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay. Every day, select individuals write about what inspires them the most and then introduce the next blog on the list.

Ashley, of, wrote yesterday's "Blog it Forward" post and up next is Kary, of "Mackin Ink" ~ be sure to check out her inspiring post tomorrow.

New York City
{the skyscrapers, the stores, the people ~ I love it all}

The adorable children we sponsor
{who we were able to meet last year, thanks to World Help's Children of the World Choir}
We sponsor Christian {front, left, age 10, from the Philippines} and Keith {back, right, age 10, from Uganda}...

We also sponsor Wilber {left, age 9, from Uganda} and Francis {right, age 11, also from Uganda}

{I plan on buying my own SLR camera at the end of this month. I can't wait to join the rest of you talented photographers out there in blogland!}

The Seasons
{just a few of God's many beautiful creations}
{Owego, New York}

{Washington, DC}

{Ocean City, Maryland}

{Annapolis, Maryland}

My godly, handsome, funny, hardworking, thoughtful, intelligent {etc.} husband,

Etsy, and all of its creative contributors...

Glory and Grace...
{read John 3:16-17 here}

I hope you all have an inspiring weekend :)


Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

Great list - love the blog it forward concept. Are those seasons pictures your own?? They are just gorgeous!


Lovely Little Nest said...

Yes, I took the seasons pictures!

Winter: cutting down our own Christmas tree with my family in my hometown

Spring: visiting my cousin-in-laws during the Cherry Blossom Festival

Summer: mini-vacation with my mom and sister

Fall: down the road from the house I lived in while I was a full-time nanny

I'm glad you liked my pics :)

M and E said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

sfgirlbybay said...

wonderful, thoughtful post! thanks so much for joining in! :)

Arcadia said...

fantastic list and i love how you captured each season in a great photo.

Life with Kaishon said...

What a beautiful post. I saw your comment tonight at Fat Mum Slim and I had to come over and visit. SO glad I did! Can't wait to see the pictures you take!

I LOVE the children you sponsor. They are very beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

That is so exciting you got to meet the children you sponsor. I bet it made it all come to life for you :)

Jesse said...

Great photos and such a fun post! Have a great weekend girl!

Thanks for your kind comments on my feature too! I really appreciate it!

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