Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Star of the Week: RUBYELLEN

Creativity emanates from this "Star of the Week". Get ready for tons of links to her unique projects, lots of pictures, and me using the word "creative" about 2 million times! ;)

Her Profile: Hello. I love to make things, especially with and for my girls, True, Brave, and Soul. I am also madly in love with my Benny and I just love being together. My goal is to enjoy God in all that we do.

As you just read,  Rubyellen  is wife to Ben and mother to 3 precious girls: True, Brave, and Soul. You can already tell just by finding out the names of her daughters that originality is one of Rubyellen's many gifts!

Here are some of the reasons why she {and her blog} are oh-so-wonderful:

#1: How her family and friends celebrate Special Occasions {with handmade gifts and imaginative festivities}

#2: Her honesty and words of wisdom

#3: The healthy meals she and her husband make for their family {most of the ingredients come from their amazing garden}

#4: Her fantastic photography skills

#3: A home full of unique, vintage decor...

#4: And ridiculously creative accessories

#5: The pretty dresses she makes for herself {here, here, here, and here...oh, and here}

#6: As well as the handmade clothing and accessories she sews for her adorable little girls

#7: Her family's ingenuity and hard work

#8: The delightful crafts she makes with her own two hands

#9: Her charming etsy shop

#9: How she and her husband clearly understand the importance of doing things together as a family

#10. The creative {Seriously, how many times have I used that word? It doesn't even do her justice!} DIY projects she does on an almost daily basis

#11: Her ability to have fun, be silly, and truly enjoy life

#12: The incandescent love she and her family have for one another

Click here to see for yourself how creative she really is!

Thank you, Rubyellen, for your cheerful, down-to-earth, and uplifting blog! :)


Anonymous said...

wow i'm in awe! thanks for featuring her natalie...i'll add her to my bloglovin!

McCarthy Designs said...

What an amazing women. Thank you for sharing about this wonderful lady and her family I am going to check out her blog now! xx

michelle b said...

wow, truely someone i could aspire to be!! makes it look easy with 3 kids, my goodness!!


California Wife said...

Thanks for the comment over @ CAwife! Love your blog!

Chaucee said...

Rubyellen and her blog is one of my favorites to read! Such a cute family and I love how she shares about her faith.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Wow she sounds amazing. Thanks for letting us know all about her. I'm off to check her out!

emily said...

okay, SO glad you posted this...she is super creative...and such cute kids!!

Pink to Green said...

What a great profile; thank you for the intro!

Sandy said...

she is SUCH an amazing woman and a true inspiration! i actually have LOTS of same hobbies as her like sewing and photography but i am just starting out in both. and no kids, yet, but hopefully in the next year or so! =P how does she find time to do all of this!?!!?!? she is seriously someone i truly admire!

cArLa said...

she is amazing isn't she? definitely feeling very inspired by your post. your blog is pretty too. have an awesome day!

just became a follower of yours today, i found you on the cakies blog.

please feel free to drop by my blog:

Kim said...

love me some rubyellen!

i was joking with my husband about how my celebrities/look up to's have changed since i've gotten older. (older? i'm only 23, you know what i mean haha)

it went from jennifer aniston and courtney cox to anna maria horner and ruby ellen! :)

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