Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anniversary Gifts

A few months before our 1 year wedding anniversary, the husband and I decided that we would buy each other "traditional" gifts each year. With our 3 year wedding anniversary gift coming up this Monday, I decided to share the official list:

Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year:

First: Paper
Second: Coton

Third: Leather
Fourth: Fruit or Flowers
Fifth: Wood
Sixth: Candy or Iron
Seventh: Wool or Copper
Eight Bronze or Pottery
Ninth: Pottery
Tenth: Tin
Eleventh: Steel
Twelfth: Silk or Linen
Thirteenth: Lace
Fourteenth: Ivory
Fifteenth: Crystal
Twentieth: China
Twenty-Fifth: Silver
Thirtieth: Pearls
Thirty-Fifth: Coral
Fortieth: Ruby
Forty-Fifth: Sapphire
Fiftieth: Gold
Fifty-Fifth: Emerald
Sixtieth: Diamond

For our 1 year anniversary, I gave him coupons for an amusement park {paper} and a leather-bound journal {paper}. He gave me the entire Twilight Series {paper}.

Last year, I gave him 2 shirts from j.crew {cotton} and he surprised me with this pillow {cotton} I had been drooling over for months:

Gorgeous, huh? He went onto my blog and sneakily found out the exact name/style so he could order it online, but THEN they were out of stock so he somehow managed to find it at some other random site. I think I'll keep him. :)

The traditional gift for this year is supposed to be leather. I was racking my brain for literally months, trying to think of something leather that he'd actually want. So, when it finally came to me, it was such a huge relief because he is really going to love this gift! I'll be sure to post pics next week.

hmm...I wonder what he'll be giving me? Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait and find out on Monday! But that's OK because I LOVE surprises!

Do you and your spouse give each other traditional gifts? If so, what are some gifts you have given and received in the past?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dreamy Kitchen

Lately, I've been so busy working on my new photography website that I've neglected this poor little blog! Although this week promises to keep me just as busy, I'll do my best to post more often. Here is one of my faaaavorite kitchens by Candice Olsen. That window seat is my idea of heaven!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

365 Challenge: 3.8-3.17

New additions to the Guest Room

Leftover "Jade Sea" from our old Master transformed this $4 Goodwill find

Spring is coming...

Exploring Nature

I heart Philadelphia

Sleepy Sleeperson

A quick after-work dinner

Philadelphia architecture

A sweet gift from a fellow blogger's etsy shop

teeny tiny tub of goodness

P.S. New wedding pics on the blog and even newer maternity pics on facebook!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer Dresses

Did anyone else have a blog post from earlier this week disappear, never to return? I know blogger was having some problems, but I thought all of the posts that were deleted were supposed to have been updated by now? Hmm curiouser and curiouser...

I am about to go do a Maternity Photo shoot. Please, please pray that the rain holds off, at least until this afternoon!

The hubs and I are going to a Wine Festival in Maryland with some friends, tomorrow. I thought the event required a cute, new dress, and I convinced Ben that I would make sure to buy one that I'd wear throughout the summer. Target was my chosen location because they had the biggest variety and there is one 5 minutes from where I work {so I could try on dresses during my lunch break} and 10 minutes from our house {so I could try one on after work, since instead of buying a dress during my lunch break, I got STUCK in a dress and almost had to ask the sales lady to come help me...}. Here were my options:











Can you guess which one I chose?

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I am blessed to have a truly amazing mother. She is godly, sweet, loving, supportive, honest, encouraging...the list goes on and on!

from left: Mom, my little sister Rachel, & me

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Mom and to all of you other wonderful mothers!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Blog Love: 5.6

Here's what I've been loving lately...

This office has the perfect combination of color and pattern.

Have you taken the virtual tour of Amy Butler's gorgeous home? Pretty, yet cozy.

I love the idea of making your own soy candles for a wedding, or even any other fun event.

I'm so glad to have Freckles Chick back in the blogosphere! Her witty posts have left a void in my google reader.

This frugal kitchen proves that it just takes creativity & imagination to successfully decorate on a budget.

You know I'll be making my own version of this DIY case for my new iPhone.

Go watch this video of Emily telling her kids that they're having another baby. Hilarious!

Nicole's new laundry room has me re-thinking my usual dislike of powder blue.

So, what have you been loving lately?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


During my lunch break, my husband surprised me with an iPhone 3G!!! I had a POS phone that came for free with his iPhone. Now, my phone is so amazing, I can't even handle it! I've literally spent hours downloading apps, browsing everyone and their mother's facebook, checking my e-mail, surfing the web...I feel like bursting into song! "A whole new world...".

So, if I don't post for awhile, it's because I have turned into this:

Sad, yet true. I am officially obsessed.

My Top 5 favorite apps thus far:
  • facebook
  • Holy Bible
  • USA Today
  • TMZ
  • Groupon
Now I just have to figure out how I can convince my husband to let me spend $55 on one of these beauties:


Are any of you iPhone lovers like myself?
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