Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer Dresses

Did anyone else have a blog post from earlier this week disappear, never to return? I know blogger was having some problems, but I thought all of the posts that were deleted were supposed to have been updated by now? Hmm curiouser and curiouser...

I am about to go do a Maternity Photo shoot. Please, please pray that the rain holds off, at least until this afternoon!

The hubs and I are going to a Wine Festival in Maryland with some friends, tomorrow. I thought the event required a cute, new dress, and I convinced Ben that I would make sure to buy one that I'd wear throughout the summer. Target was my chosen location because they had the biggest variety and there is one 5 minutes from where I work {so I could try on dresses during my lunch break} and 10 minutes from our house {so I could try one on after work, since instead of buying a dress during my lunch break, I got STUCK in a dress and almost had to ask the sales lady to come help me...}. Here were my options:











Can you guess which one I chose?


Things That Sparkle said...

Love all of these comfy dresses.

Sharstin said...

Cute!! Hope the weather held out for your shoot:) the whole blogger thing was super annoying!!

OAK House 5. said...

Love these! So ready for cute and easy throw on summer dresses!

simplyMae said...

Such cute dresses. I know I'm a bit late seeing this one, my favorites are #2 and #7. Hope you and Ben had fun.

wholesale artful dodger said...

Fabulous outfits is this. This is a great collection. Big thanks for sharing.


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