Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dying to Paint

We live in an apartment. A nicely sized apartment with vaulted ceilings, crown molding, granite countertops...and boring, WHITE walls.

OK, so they're technically off-white. But it KILLS ME that we haven't painted them! We painted almost every room in our old apartment and were so glad we did...until it came time to priming them for future tenants. Needless to say, my husband made me agree that I would not, under any circumstances, ask him to paint our new apartment.

Wahhh! I wish we had painted. I know it would have taken a TON of work, but there is nothing like charcoal  walls to make a dining room feel romantic or pale aquamarine walls to make a bathroom feel like a spa. *sigh*

Now, we are slowly beginning the process of house-hunting, which means painting our current apartment is definitely not an option. So, I suppose I'll have to be content with lusting over my fellow bloggers' gorgeous, painted homes:

Love the painted ceiling

That teal wall is killing me!

We know I am a sucker for anything gray {and I love that B&W striped rug!}

What about you? Do you have any beautifully painted rooms for me to covet?

P.S. So, I live in Eastern Pennsylvania, and in case you haven't heard, we are expecting a Hurricane. Unless I am swept out to sea, be expecting a giveaway from Shabby Apple on Monday!


carissa said...

i want to paint too!!! our house is earth-tone city and i'm ready to go neutral, airy and light!!! one day. : )

simplyvonne said...

Painting can do wonders to a room! i was so scared at first to paint our walls brown but now so glad that we did!

hope you are ok through Irene btw!!!

Bean bag chairs said...

Yes painting can do wonders to your house. White colored wall becomes boring after a certain time as you have nothing interesting to look at. Just imagine painting your kids room with that pink or blue!!!

Surya cosmopolitan rug said...

The chandelier in the first picture looks simply awesome in the black background. I think I should now considering painiting one wall black.

Susan said...

They could have used a bit more ornamental mirror above the electric fire places

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