Wednesday, August 10, 2011

365 Challenge: 4.14-4.25

So....I'm a Little behind on my 365 Challenge posts...

Thermos, gifted to Ben by my sister, thefted by me. ;)

Still can't believe my little sis is 24!

Corner of our Master Bedroom

Hot Dog! Lunch with Benj at Jimmy Johns.

Newlyweds at a cute little bar in Media, PA.

My Kindergarteners' little plants are finally growing!

Buds, about to bloom.

Spring lovelies

I heart America

Unfortunately, this sandwich did not taste as good as it looked...

Easter brunch at Mendenhall Inn

A pretty bed of tulips near work

P.S. Check out the new Maternity session pics I just posted at Natalie Wagner Photography...


Nikki said...

You have kinders?! Best job ever.

andi said...

aww, I'm so glad you found me so that I could find YOUR blog! thanks for the kind comment and i hope you come link up this week or any friday that you want!

blessings friend,
@the hollie rogue

kitchen taps said...

Love your kindergarten!

However the sandwich looks really bad!!!!

whirlpool baths said...

great post!

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