Thursday, August 18, 2011

365 Challenge: 4.26-5.4

pretties just outside our apartment

easy peasy date night in with the husband

homemade birthday cream puffs for ben! they took for-e-ver but were totally worth it!

my Kindergarteners' handiwork

brother-in-law at the Phillies game, representing my favorite beverage

Ben and his dad, just before the following day's 14 inning mother-in-law decided to watch a chick flick and have dinner at Five Guys instead...I'm definitely glad about that now!

some fun sodas I got for ben ~ we are very proud of where we live :)

my new-to-me car!!! Oh frank, how I love you!

a beautiful early moon

Be sure to stop by my photography blog to check out a recent maternity session I shot!

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