Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekly Menu: 7/26-8/1

Benj {the husband} has a work schedule that literally changes from week to week. Sometimes, he's home for dinner almost every night. Other times, we're lucky if we have one meal together. This week, his schedule is pretty consistent.

Since Benj will be home, that means I'll be cooking a lot more "real" recipes this week, since apparently, Twizzlers and Coke don't fall under the category of "balanced meal" {it's true: I eat like a bachelor when I'm home alone}. In light of this, I decided to give more stringent meal-planning a try, by way of a schedule {I'm hoping the fancy colors and font will keep me motivated to do this every week...we'll see how that goes}:

What are some effective {and ineffective, so I know what to avoid!} ways you have made meal-planning more manageable?


California Wife said...

I'm trying for force myself to post a weekly menu! I mainly want to do it so that I can force myself to actually stick to it, since I too eat like a bachelor! It's not uncommon for me to have a diet coke and a granola bar for dinner!!!
Everything on your menu sounds delicious!

simplyMae said...

I love your menu! Its so pretty :)
I do the same thing, I have a little weekly calendar on my fridge so for each day I put what dinner will be and that helps me make my shopping list. Sometimes I try to figure out meals for 2 weeks in a row if I'm feeling especially inventive or have a lot of recipes I'm wanting to try. I'm glad Ben gets to be home for more meals this week!!

the cape on the corner said...

might i ask, what does ground turkey bake entail? i am always trying to figure out what else to do with ground meat!

when my boyfriend is away, i eat cereal for dinner. it makes me very happy.

Keri said...

Thanks for stopping by!!!

I LOVE your fact, if you want to plan one every week, I'll just copy off of you. Having to do none of the actual planning part of it is about the only way I'm ever successful. It would also help if I actually enjoyed cooking......

Ok, off to make spaguetti for the 2nd time in a week!

christine said...

I always WISH I could make this happen!! Meal planning always seems so great in theory but I can usually only make a few of the days work!

Love to hear how it goes for you!

The Beachbaby said...

what a great idea! :) i love cooking so i usually go with what inspires me for the day. but i love the idea of creating a pretty menu for the week ~ just another excuse to make something pretty ;) thanks for sharing.

val said...

I love your menu! So inspiring! Sometimes I do really well at menu planning and sometimes I don't! Wish I had a trick that would work to be more consistant, but I don't...not even being creative works for me. I think it's because I prefer projects over meal planning and cooking :). Good luck to you! Hopefully you can figure out something.

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