Thursday, July 8, 2010

Creating Registries: Part Three

Here is the final segment of my "Creating Registries" series!

Before you open your gifts, make sure you have pen and paper handy. You'll need to write down each gift and giver so you can accurately write your thank-you notes.

After all of the beautiful bags and bows have been thrown away {or squirreled away in your closet for later use}...what's next?

Say Thank You: Isn't it sad when you spend forever picking out the perfect gift from someone...and then never hear a word about it? Did they receive the gift? Did they hate the gift? What gives?! If you are using wedding-related cards {ie. with your pictures on them}, order them as soon as you receive your pictures back from the photographer. Otherwise, you should purchase thank you cards before the wedding so you can write them as soon as you get back from your honeymoon. 

Return Unwanted/Duplicate/Broken Items Immediately: Some stores have very strict return policies. Chances are, if you went away for your honeymoon, you are quickly running out of time before you can return some of your items. Be sure you and your hubby agree on what items to return, and then dash to the store asap!

Also, don't feel bad about hurting people's feelings. If your Great Aunt Millie gave you a lime green tablecloth and you registered for a white one, return it! Most people would rather you get something you like than keep something you dislike and will never use.

I received 3 rolling pins at my Bridal Shower. Three. The only person who bought me the one from my registry was my mom {Oxo Plastic Rolling Pin perfection! ~ thanks, Mom!}. Write a thank-you note to the gift giver, but go right ahead and return it. You're not really thanking them for giving you a gift, but for the thoughtfulness of actually buying something for you and your new hubbie.

Without further adieu...

my top five must-have items for newlyweds:

Luxurious Sheets
Where do newlyweds spend most of their time? That's right: the kitchen table. haha just kidding! But seriously, every married couple should have a great set of sheets {preferably 2}. Qualifications: high thread count, neutral color, and oh-so soft. Some people say anything over 400tc is overkill, but I disagree. Although I do believe 400-500 feel similar, 600+ is where it's at!

Our pick: Hotel Collection Sateen Sheets, 100% Cotton, 620 Thread Count in "Silver"

Timeless Dinnerware
I am just going to copy this directly from the Bed Bath and Beyond website, because it really says it all: "Porcelain dinnerware in brilliant white will add a classic element to your table. Mix and match with your favorite dinnerware or use on its own. Oven and microwave safe for reheating. Dishwasher safe." Truly the perfect addition to your table. If you don't choose white, I highly recommend going with a solid color {no designs} because the simplicity will give the dinnerware more longevity.
Our pick: Everyday White Rim® Square 10" Dinner Plate

haha I'm sorry, but it's true! Every home should have a plunger. Your best bet will be to choose a plunger that can be left in a somewhat visible place {i.e. smack dab in the front of the linen closet} so guests who loved your bean dip a little too much can avoid an awkward conversation. However, it should be kept in a canister to avoid the spread of germs. Our plunger canister "has a built-in drip tray to catch excess water from plunger after use. Ventilation slots in drip tray allow water to quickly evaporate."

Our pick: Oxo Good Grips Plunger

Pyrex Bowls
They can go in the microwave, in the oven, and even in the freezer. Use them to make a casserole, then just pop on the lid and store the leftovers in the fridge. Plus, they're stackable, and they make great mixing bowls.

Our Pick:  Pyrex Glass Bowls with Lids {set of 4}.

Matching Cups and Saucers
Do you really want to serve your mother-in-law her coffee in a mug that says "I got boned at the Museum of Natural History and Art"{name that TV show}? I think not. But, rather than splurging on fine China {necessary for some, but not for most}, I suggest going with something simple, yet classic.

Our pick: Everyday White Rim® Square 8-Ounce Cup and Saucer

Registries allow people to quickly and efficiently purchase something they know you will love. So go ahead and register to your heart's content! :)

Question: What is one item you believe no newlywed should live without?

Or better yet, what are some things newlyweds should not register for?

My least favorite items:

Springform Pans: I accidentally registered for these...I haven't used them once.

Egg toaster/slicer/poacher/cooker: Really? You can't just use a frying pan?


Sherry @ Young House Love said...

We use our simple white plates and bowls every single day (love them) and our classic stemless wine glasses are fun to use with juice or even smoothies. So those are faves. As for our least favorite item, we registered for a griddle that didn't fit in our old cabinets (a tragedy!) so we had to return it... but we later redid the kitchen and repurchased it. Yay!

Sherry (& John)

emily said...

so laughing at your kitchen table comment.

i get it, totally get it. ;)

D&D said...

i did not see plunger coming! ;)

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I'd go with one of your choices, white dishes. I ordered both white china and white everyday dishes and they are used on a daily basis. My mom tipped me off about not ordering crystal, expensive china and real silverware. Glad she did!

Anonymous said...

My fiance and I are registered for an really good, highly recommended upright vacuum. We are both allergy sufferers and are still using an old freebie from my grandparents old house to clean the floors. I think great sheets are the best pick!

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