Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've already had 3 job interviews this week, and I have 2 more today. I need a nap. Preferably in one of these lovely rooms...

{the cream and aqua combination is ever so dreamy}

{one of my favorite spaces by Candace Olsen}

{more cream and aqua deliciousness}

{this room is so light and airy}

Sadly, our bedroom does not look like any of those. Don't get me wrong; I love our bedroom. I just can't seem to keep it tidy. In fact, I haven't even made our bed yet today. To be honest, I don't usually make the bed until about 5 minutes before the husband arrives home from work. That is a secret, so zip it! But don't you think an unmade bed looks incredibly cozy and inviting? I sure do. Here is a picture of ours:

See what I mean? I can almost hear it calling out to me...

Ok, that's it. The second I get home from my interviews, I'm going to make myself a Vanilla Chai Latte, climb into that lovely bed, and read "Lord of the Rings" until I feel sufficiently rested.

You may have noticed that it looks like the covers only go partway across the bed. That is because I am a covers-stealer and by the end of the night, all of the covers end up on my side of the bed. hehe :)

So, how do you unwind after {or during} a busy week?


Mallory said...

I like to unwind by a bath or getting in bed early and watching tv or surf facebook....just relax! Love all those rooms!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Well, I am a big fan of your aqua and cream bedrooms, which is why they are the colors in my bedroom!

I also end up with all the covers, but it's not my fault because my fiance kicks his off during the night. So, I wake up in a sweat all the time. Niiiiice.

I unwind with a glass of wine in front of the fire! Preferably watching a nice show with the man.

Anonymous said...

i read trashy magazines in bed while sipping green tea (assuming my daughter's asleep and my husband's at work).

Restyled Home said...

I had a look at the ruffled pillow you suggested to me and I have to say that would be the perfect compromise between ruffles and men!

Your blog is lovely!

Amber said...

such pretty rooms! and best of luck on the interviews!

LindsB said...

naps are great, I could use more these days too.

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

I have 7 interviews coming up as soon as I get to CA and I am having mild panic attacks as well. I would love one of these boudoirs to relax in right now!

simplyMae said...

I love the chairs in picture # 1. Also I actually saw the episode on TV when Candice did that room :)
After my week I love having a warm cup of coffee and watching my favorite cooking shows :)

Mrs. Chic said...

OH MY, oh my - what lovely rooms! I love love # 1

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