Thursday, February 11, 2010

Post-Christmas Sales

One of my favorite things about Christmas is definitely the after-Christmas sales. I love going out and finding all of the items that I'd been wanting for months marked down to 75% or more off! And I don't mind that I won't be able to use them until next Christmas. Knowing that I'm getting them for such a steal makes them totally worth the wait!

In December, Katie, from AllBowerPower, shared her AMAZING Potter Barn knock-off Advent Calendar, and I am determined to recreate it next year. Since seeing that beauty of a DIY project, I have been on the hunt for unique ornaments. I knew that my best bet would be to wait until after Christmas to find the best deals {I'll also be scouring Yard Sales this summer for Christmas decor}.

Unfortunately, we moved from Virginia to Pennsylvania right after Christmas, so I didn't have the time {or the moula} to immediately snatch up the post-Christmas goodies. However, I did stop by Ikea around the second week in January. Their Christmas section was pretty much picked over, but I was able to snag these $5 adorable ornaments on sale for just $1:

I wasn't able to go post-Christmas shopping again until last week {I have to go without my husband, as he considers hours of sale shopping to be grounds for Divorce}. Since it was already February, I was doubtful that I'd find any Christmas items worth purchasing. My first stop: Target. I walked around the store for awhile {it was a Target I'd never been to, so I wanted to make sure I hadn't overlooked anything} and finally gave up and asked one of the workers if they had any Christmas items left. She literally laughed in my face. I guess I should have assumed they would no longer be selling them, since their shelves were already stocked with Easter decor {Seriously, what is that about? Easter is still 2 months away!}.

Moving right along, my next stop was Pier1. After perusing the store and scoffing at their idea of what the word "sale" means, I stumbled upon a tiny display in the very center of the store. It was amazing! They had ornaments, plates, and tons of these sturdy silver branches {which I REALLY wish I would have bought, dang it!}. Here's what I walked out with:

Candy Cane Plates: Originally $8 each, on sale for $.78 each

Sparkly Silver Faux Plant: Originally $6, on sale for $.58

Metallic Ornament: Originally $2.50, on sale for $.18

My Pier1 finds spurred me on, so I then ventured over to Walmart...jackpot! They still had 3 aisles in the back of the store brimming with Christmas items: stockings, bows, garland - everything you could ever want, and more. All I had to do was root around until I found just what I was looking for {Hey, that rhymes! "No more rhymes; I mean it!" "Anybody want a peanut?" hehe...Name that movie!}

Glittery Red "Noel" Sign: Originally $5, on sale for $1.25

Shiny Bows: Originally $5, on sale for $1.25

Grey Glass Ornaments: Originally $6, on sale for $1.50

Glittery Silver Sprig {to be used for Advent Calendar}: Originally $2, on sale for $.50

Silver and Gold ornament {Advent Calendar}: Originally $2, on sale for $.50

Bronze Ornament {Advent Calendar}: Originally $1, on sale for $.25

Snowflake Ornament {Advent Calendar}: Originally $2, on sale for $.50

White Stockings {will be embellished later}: Originally $5 each, on sale for $1.25 each

Grand Total Before Sales: $73.50
My Total: $14.07
Total Savings: $59.43

Wow!! Now that I know how much money I saved, I am even MORE excited about my post-Christmas purchases! I will definitely be hitting up the Christmas sales again next year!

Oh, and in case you were wondering why I purchased 5 stockings instead of 2: No, I am not pregnant with triplets {or any babies, for that matter}. I just like to think ahead! :)

So, did anyone else score some major deals after the Holidays?


Mrs. D said...

Great post! I love after-Christmas sales. I always buy my Christmas cards for the upcoming year on Dec. 26 at Target-- they have the cutest holiday card selection!

LindsB said...

what a deal you got! I need to go and check out my store, I need to get some stuff too :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

You got some great deals! I liked Pier One's stuff this year.

Sounds like you figured out most of the Polyvore stuff. Did you know you can search for things that are already on there & save them to your items too? That's how I found most of those paint colors. Do a search on items, paint colors and you should find a bunch of them to keep.

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