Friday, January 15, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Oh my gosh, I won another giveaway!!

Stephanie, of UrbanNest, was giving away free desk calendars, and I was one of the 3 lucky people who won!

Aren't those pages adorable? I can't wait to put the calendar on my "new" bamboo desk in our Guest Room/Study. Now all I have to do is buy some paint and the desk makeover will begin.

Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway, Stephanie! :)


simplyMae said...

How fun!! big congrats on your win :)

NYCLQ said...

OMG... I'm LMAO!!! I can hear my DH saying that now!! "Winner winner CHK DINNER"

I posted a repsonse to your post on my blog... hope it helps!!
:D Lynda

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