Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Year

Well, I completely failed at sharing pictures of our home in Virginia during 2009. Now that it's 2010 and we are officially Pennsylvania residents, perhaps my New Year's Resolution should be to post more frequently?

In honor of a fresh new start, I'll begin by sharing some pictures of the revamped bookshelf in our Guest Room/Study. The idea was to spend little to no money by using items previously located in other rooms and repurposing them here.

AFTER: The bookshelf, complete with "new" accessories {taken from various rooms in the apartment}.

BEFORE: A photo of the bookshelf when it was still in our old guest room, decorated with my husband's former bachelor pad items...I had been dying to get my hands on this room!

BEFORE: The plant was previously housed in an old casserole dish...oh so classy ;)

AFTER: It now lives in a white planter from Ikea.

Bottom Shelf: A tiny frame containing a picture of my parents dancing at a wedding a few years ago, husband's souvenir from Caesar's Palace, an old gardening book {beautiful color}, etc.

Second Shelf: A pencil drawing of Abraham Lincoln {drawn by me and given to Ben several years ago}, as well as a cute little mint-colored candle tin Deb sent for my 27th birthday {just one of the many wonderful gifts she sent!}.

Top shelf: I received this 5x7 print in a free giveaway over at Brooke's blog. The colors are perfect ~ in case you can't tell, I absolutely love all shades of turquoise. The frame was purchased for 50 cents at Good Will and was previously a muddy brown color ~ I simply painted it white.

Third Shelf: Dried roses my parents gave me after graduation, filling up a Ball jar {yet another gift from Deb ~ received last Easter, filled with gorgeous, white hydrangeas}, various books topped with a shimmery aquamarine bowl (a gift from my sister a few years ago).

So, what are your thoughts on our Guest Room/Study bookshelf? Are there any items you think I should rearrange, add, or omit?


ohbrooke said...

Awww... the print looks so pretty! LOVE how you framed it! Thanks for the heads up on the post!

simplyMae said...

How fun a new place for you to decorate!You will have so much fun. I love all your changes I think my favorite is your new white planter :) It is too funny that you had it in a casserole dish prior :)

Averill said...

Looks great! (And congrats on the move to PA!)

Freckles Chick said...

I love each shelf's vignette! Esp. the pops of aqua from the lovely print & jar vase. Best yet, you used what you had! My kind of decorating. =]

(P.S. My blogheader was designed by Bryn Alexandra a few months ago--the cost was about $60.)

Deliciously Organized said...

It looks lovely! Can't wait to see more posts!

Jesse said...

Love the print you won! The bookshelf looks great.

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