Monday, March 30, 2009

My Style

You're going for the ultimate living environment. You like a home that is sleek, masculine and generally understated. Only those in the know will be able to spot the touches of genuinely 'flash' kit - the designer logos, the top-of-the-range gizmos. In the end it'll all looks effortlessly cool but there's still a bit more time, thought and hard graft to be done to get everything spot on.

You're the consummate international playboy, at home around the world, but never more so than in your elegant 'pad' with its emphasis on hedonism and the finer things in life.

hahaha, what interesting results! There's an even bigger description, but it was too big to post. Basically, it continued to discuss my "manly, modern style". Too funny! Our home is definitley gender neutral - I just didn't realize my style was so masculine! I guess it makes sense, though, since I have made sure to keep our home void of frills, lace, and flowers. Not only does Ben despise "girly" decor, but I can't stand it either! So, I would have to say that my style quiz results are right on target. :)

Click here to take the quiz and be sure to come back and let me know about your results!


Anonymous said...

Okay i just took the quiz and i am Country "N" Modern, It sounds unlikely, but rural properties are amazingly adaptable to a modern style - as your home proves. Country-meets-modernity draws on natural materials and, very often, the immediate landscape for inspiration. The result perfectly combines the simplicity of colour and form without overlooking basic comfort and, indeed, the odd well-earned luxury. That is the short description. i think its pretty correct although several of the pages there i really didn' "love" any of the choices. It was a fun quiz though :)

Averill said...

I got the same result you did -- love how it's described as the "ultimate bachelor's pad". I knew I liked things simple, streamlined and classic, but I wouldn't necessarily call that masculine.

Chaucee said...

These are adorable! Love it : )

My thoughts on Valentine's Day....I grew up with the understanding that V-day was all about the people in your life that you love. It was until later that I realized a lot of people used it as a holiday just for a significant other. Since I grew up thinking it was about the love of friendship AND of romantic kinds, it never really bothered me that i didn't have anyone on V-day. I wish other people adopted this view as well because then the wouldn't get so heart broken and worked up over the holiday.

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