Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mirror, Mirror

The husband and I finally found a mirror for the wall above the couch! The problem was that we have 10' ceilings, so anything we hung on the wall had to be at least 45" long or else it would look dwarfed. After literally MONTHS of searching, we found this beauty at Bed Bath & Beyond for $79.99 on sale for $39.99, plus 20% off with a coupon!

Since the gold tinged frame really isn't our style, I whipped out my black acrylic paint and this is what we ended up with:

Here is a view of our lovely new mirror on the wall above our couch:

I just love how it opens up the room! Next on my list: replace the plant on the end table with a gorgeous table lamp. I have a few ideas but will post them later because it's time to finish watching You've Got Mail with the husband. Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

looks great...glad you posted that you have this blog! BUT one haven't got my blog on your follow list! LOL

Anonymous said...

What an improvement! Nice job on ridding a beautiful mirror of a not-so-beautiful finish!

I love your blog...the green and blue color combo is very pleasing to the eye.

Anonymous said... and BROWN. (I combined green-blue and brown and ended up with green and blue. What a mush brain!)

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