Sunday, March 24, 2013

DIY: Chalkboard Cheese Platter

For the Oscars this year, the husband & I decided it would be fun to dress up and have a little wine & cheese party! I saw this image on Pinterest and thought I'd give it a whirl:

Sadly, we recently reformatted our computer, and I accidentally deleted the photos of my step-by-step tutorial. :( However, here is a before and after pic as well as the end results as documented on my iPhone. The quality isn't as good, but you get the gist:

BEFORE {a hideous old tray that I accidentally stole from my old place of employment}:

AFTER {a few coats of black craft paint}:

After some fun on Instagram:

Side note: The Goat Cheese was our favorite!

Here is a pic of me and the Mr., all gussied up for the Academy Awards:

I also thought I'd give these personalized chalkboard wine glasses a try:

I found some sturdy, matching wine glasses at Goodwill and used some leftover chalkboard paint from this project:

However, I definitely recommend using chalkboard spraypaint because even if you apply several thin coats of paint, you will still see brush strokes!

We ended our night with my favorite Italian Moscatto and some Strawberries & Chocolate Fondue!

 Here are the Oscar Ballots I printed that I found here. Ben beat me like he does every year! Grr...

What is your latest project? If it involves chalkboard paint, let me know, as I am currently OBSESSED with the stuff! :)

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