Monday, November 19, 2012

Pinterest: Thanksgiving Chalk Art

I did it!! I finally did a project from Pinterest!!

Of course, it was so simple, you could barely even project, but still...I did it!! haha ;)

Here is the inspiration:

via & originally from here

And here is my version {right}, along with my "Fall" Gallery {left}:

I don't have any chalkboard markers {yet} and I didn't feel like busting out a projector {which I also don't have yet, haha}, so I just eyeballed it and prayed that my cheap white chalk from Michael's would work.

Although it was the easiest little project ever, it still felt great to glean something from that insanely inspirational site!

So, what have you been Pinning - and actually doing - lately?



The Shaw Shack said...

That is so amazing that you freehanded it! I try to do pretty handwriting and then when I back up, I realize it is off center and uneven!
love it!

Lovely Little Nest said...

Thanks so much! It's a little uneven on the right but I don't even care, I love it so much! :)

maureen stevens said...

that is gorgeous! Your handwriting and drawing is superb! I hope u're well.It's been a while. This is MAureen from The Inglenook Decor blog...just to let u know, I recently moved the blog...Hope to reconnect. Happy Holidays!

Little Tree Vintage said...

this is adorable, i love it

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