Thursday, June 30, 2011


Anyone still there? My apologies for being to absent from this little blog. Summer is seriously cramping my blogging style. This is because:

#1: Who the heck wants to sit in front of the computer, when it is freakin' gorgeous outside?!

#2: I could blog on my iPhone, but I'm too busy using it to play Words With Friends

Nevertheless, I'll try to be more consistent with my blogging over the next couple of weeks. Of course, I do have several beach trips and other adventures planned with my hottie of a husband... I make no promises! ;)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Monday, June 20, 2011

Fabulous Frocks

Here are a few articles of clothing, shoes, & accessories I've been drooling over:

old navy

old navy





old navy



Oh, and I ended up buying that periwinkle bikini from Target! The color is unlike anything I currently have, and - miracle of miracles - the bottoms actually cover my ghetto bootie!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brand Names

With summer rapidly approaching {and summer weather already here ~ yay!}, I feel like we're spending more and more on groceries. Watermelon, corn on the cob, strawberries for shortcake ~ it all seems to add up! What doesn't help is that I am a notorious over-spender when it comes to groceries. So, my husband and I decided that he would do the grocery shopping from now on. That is fine with me because I despise grocery shopping! Plus, he always manages to spend half as much time and save twice as much money as I do. However, we can't compromise on are certain brand name items. Although there are TONS of things we have no problem buying generic, here are a few of our must-have brand name products:

Coca Cola

French's Mustard

Hellmann's Mayonnaise

A1 Steak Sauce

Heinz Ketchup

Apparently, we are big fans of expensive condiments!

What are some Brand Name items you just can't live without?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

365 Challenge: 3.26-4.6

Looking down on the city from the Philadelphia National Museum of Art

Great song at my brother-in-law's Baptismal Service

Relaxing at Starbucks after a long week

haha, I just love the sayings on A1 bottles

Goodwill finds, just waiting to be transformed

Pretty shipping tape

God's April Fool's joke on West Chester!

Saw this at the King of Prussia Mall

Date with my husband at the Market Street Grille

Lunch at Chubby Balboa's

Dinner at P.F. Chang's

Seeds planted by my Kindergarteners are beginning to grow!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

To Do

Now that the heat has finally let up, I can finally work on a project that's been on my kind for months! Here is my To Do list for today:

:: sand antique table
:: paint antique table
:: run, then empty dishwasher
:: fold & put away laundry
:: bake banana bread
:: unpack camping bag
:: buy groceries for Sunday's bball party
:: clean the master closet
:: bake chocolate chip cookies
:: redbox a new movie

OK, so that last one isn't a chore, but it is still something I want to do!

Do you have any projects up your sleeves for this lovely Saturday?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

365 Challenge: 3.18-3.25

New, curtains in the Living Room {thank you, Target clearance section!}

My newlywed sister, the little housewife

Happy first day of Spring!

Target's Turkey Hill Farms Spinach & Goat Cheese Pizza is my favorite go-to dinner item when the hubby has to work late!
Pretty flowering trees near our apartment


At long last! My vanity...transformation details coming soon, I promise!!

Roses from my College Graduation a few years back, Ball jar from Deb
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