Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Shopping

I'll be spending the weekend in New York with my mom and little sister {my teeny tiny hometown, not NYC}. Roasting marshmallows, swimming and lounging by the pool...oh, and taking advantage of the LOFT's 40% off all SALE items!

The weather in NY tends to fluctuate rather quickly, so when I'm there in the summer, I like to either wear a tank top and jeans or shorts and a cardigan. Cute, yet comfy. Here is my ideal summer shopping outfit:

Shopping in L.A.Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Shopping in L.A. by lovelylittlenest featuring Charlotte Russe

So, what are your plans for the weekend?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Sunshine

Happy First day of Summer!!

{All pictures were taken two summers ago on our Honeymoon in Westmoreland, Jamaica}

Wishing you all a summer full of picnics, swimming, and chasing fireflies!

For the perfect summer playlist, check out emily's blog.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thank You!!!

In April, Danni over at ohhellofriend had a giveaway for a $35 gift certificate to Friedasophie, and I was the lucky winner!

Last week, I finally decided what I wanted from her etsy shop {so many pretty pieces to choose from!}:

Whimsical aqua leaf 14k gold necklace

{I chose a clear topaz stone so I could wear it with any outfit}

My necklace arrived in the mail the other day and I absolutely love it! The pendant is so dainty and beautiful; I've already received a dozen compliments on it!

Hmm...well, it's somewhat hard to see it in that picture, but take my word for it: it's gorgeous!

I now have the perfect addition to my summer jewelry collection, and I couldn't be more pleased!

Thank you, Danni and FriedaSophie, for the great giveaway!! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Creating Registries: Part Two

Whenever my husband Ben and I are about to buy something new, he always recommends that I first do some "midget research":

Let me explain...

      I'm 5'5" and Ben is 6'2" {hence his nickname for me: "midget"}
+    I am obsessive about hunting down the best items for the least amount of money {research}

=    Midget Research

There are a few steps involved in doing "midget research":

{I'm going to pepper this post with pretty pictures so you don't get too bored! hehe}

FIRST: If you don't know what items you want or need:

1) Ask oldies. Talk to people who have been married for more than 10 years for their "must-have" items. Not only will they know of some items you might not think of, but they'll know what brands really last.

2) Ask newbies. Talk to people who have been married for a year or two for items they found particularly useful...and for items that were a waste of money. A lot of newlyweds buy into gimmicks {an omelet maker? really?}, so their accidental research will help you know what items not to buy.

3) Ask other brides-to-be. They may have tips from their friends and families that would be helpful to you as well.

4) Surf the net. Consumer reviews are an excellent way to find out accurate information about a product.

image source: BowerPowerBlog

SECOND: Once you know what types of items you want:

1) Think long-term. Sure, those geometric patterned plates are in style today...but what happens in 5 years when you're suddenly fond of florals? Be sure you choose items {particularly dinnerware} that are neutral. Otherwise, you will most likely end up having to buy everything all over again in a few years as the fads change.

2) Find exactly what you want. Brand, size, color - everything. This step may not be necessary for everyone, but it is necessary for crazy, obsessive people me.

For example, I knew that our newlywed nest would not have stainless steel appliances. However, my fiancee and I loved the stainless steel look. So, we decided to incorporate that look in our new home by registering for all stainless steel small appliances {toaster, trivets,  spatula holder - but NOT spatulas, since they can scratch non-stick surfaces}.

Well, when my aunt was out shopping for my Bridal Shower, she called my mom and asked if I'd care if she bought me something that was the same brand as what we'd registered for but that was a different color and style. My mom let her know that she was sure I'd appreciate whatever gift I received...but that I hand-picked the items on the registry, so she was sure I would love to have something purchased from it.

3) Research, research, research! This is where the internet will become your new best friend. I highly recommend pricing items online at various stores. Just make sure these items are not just available online. However, you should also make sure to have at least a few items available online for out-of-town guests who want to quick ship your gifts to you.

THIRD: After you've done all of your homework, you're ready to register! After you register:

1) Pare your list. Have a bridesmaid or relative go through your list with you every few weeks to see if there are any items you have decided to add or remove. That way, you won't end up with gifts you don't want, but you won't see what items people have already bought for you. Just make sure they aren't deleting something that someone has already purchased for you!

2) Pick a person. Decide who is going to be taking the presents from the wedding and dropping them off at the reception, or wherever they need to go {your house, your parents' house, etc.}. You wouldn't want to lose those precious gifts!

image source: Lonny

Coming must-have items for newlyweds.

Did you follow any of these "rules" when you were registering for wedding gifts?

Friday, June 11, 2010


Can this be true?!?

Oh my gosh, I need to buy my ticket STAT!!

When New Moon came out, I went to the midnight premiere with a bunch of girls from work {FYI we're all in our twenties or thirties ~ yep, we're the coolest!}. I didn't get home 'til after 3am and I spent the next day at work, analyzing every line and scene from the movie with the aforementioned girls. So much ridiculous, middle-school-like fun! :)

When Eclipse comes out, I'll be watching the Sunday afternoon matinée with my husband. It will pretty much be the exact opposite of my last Twilight movie experience...but I still can't wait!!!

{Well...we'll be seeing it at the IMAX theater in King of Prussia, so that will definitely up the excitement factor!}

In honor of this truly amazing event, I've reactivated my "Twilight & Blogging" card on etsy:

Serious question...Team Edward or Team Jacob??

Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Day

This work week has gone so much better than last week! Low stress and lots of fun ~ my kind of work!

Thanks for your kind words and prayers last week!

I love everything about this picture...

especially the dog!

Happy almost Friday to you all! :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Creating Registries: Part One

Sunday was our 2 year wedding anniversary! 

In light of that, I have decided to share one of my favorite aspects of getting married: creating a gift registry! ;)

Of course, some people will want to give gifts that are "from the heart", which is quite thoughtful and always appreciated. But others are going to want to buy items that you will need as you begin your new life together.

Your second cousin whom you haven't talked to since you were 5 years old is not going to know if you'd rather have curtains from Pottery Barn or a can opener from Target.

Why not help her out by giving her a lovely list of items she knows you'll love, since you hand-picked them yourself?

Let's say you're afraid your Aunt Ida is going to assume you want a toaster, and will proceed to buy whatever cheop-o toaster she finds at the Walmart that is next to the ABC store she visits on a daily basis {apparently, your aunt has a drinking problem}. You could ask your mom/sister/maid of honor to give her a nudge in the right direction. Or, you could just give her a registry card! Such a genius little idea, it not-so-subtly says "Buy me one of these items, from one of these stores...please!"

Do: Put registry cards in the Bridal Shower invitations.

Do Not: Put registry cards in the Wedding invitations {so tacky}.

Sure, that 80 year old woman from your church who thinks you're perpetually 7 years old just knows that you'd love to have a set of coasters displaying pictures of dogs dressed up as nuns.

No receipt? That's what yard sales are for.

Make sure your registry has variety. Some people may want to spend $300, while others can only spend $20. Be sure to take your guests into consideration. Also, there are going to be people who wait until the day before your wedding to buy you a gift. If you only have a few inexpensive items on the list, they are most likely going to have already been purchased. So, you are either going to:

a) make them feel like they have to blow their entire paycheck on a gift for you and your hubby

b) get cash or a gift card {still nice, but not as fun to open}
c) not get a gift at all
So, be sure your registry has a collection of items that fit every budget.

If you include a plethora of items on your registry, you'll help your guests {or generous people who don't attend but still send gifts} feel like they actually get to pick out something for you, since they'll have so many items to choose from. Plus, it will ensure that their gift to you will actually be a long as you don't regularly keep tabs on items as they are purchased from your registry {another no-no}.

Some women {like me} have husbands who love home decor. Others have husbands who wouldn't even notice if you bought a new sofa {until they looked at your bank account}.

If your husband couldn't care less about your your gift registry, don't force him to go with you as you scan every item in Macy's. However, do make sure you find out what he does care about and keep him in mind as you make your selections.

Do you really think he'd want you to register for pink, flowered pillowcases? Perhaps you could compromise on blue flowers, or pink stripes.

Also, be sure you do not register for too many "fluff" items, meaning items you don't actually need. These include things such as throw pillows, picture frames, etc. Be aware that some people will assume that if you registered for throw pillows, any throw pillows will do. And, for most of us avid decorators, that is most certainly not the case!

Additionally, they may purchase these random items from stores that do not accept returns, leaving you with a bunch of things you will never even use {except when they stop by for a visit}. Keep in mind that you are most likely going to receive gift cards and cash as well, so you can use these to purchase decorative items after the wedding.

Well, that completes Part One of "Creating Registries". Stay tuned for Part Two, which will include my favorite registry items!

What are some other things you have learned from creating your own gift registries?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Boys' Rooms

I am not pregnant, but I am fond of designing nurseries, play rooms, and kids' rooms. Here are some of my favorite rooms for little boys {that could also be unisex, since they're so versatile}:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Your door/entry are the very first things people see when they enter your home. So, don't you think they should be a reflection of how truly fabulous you are?

Check out these fabulous doors and entryways...

{my favorite, of course!}

What have you done to make your door/entry chic and inviting?
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