Monday, November 21, 2011

Twilight + 365 Challenge: 6.3-6.12

Ben took me to see Breaking Dawn on Sunday. I had been impatiently waiting to see it for a year and a half and was really nervous that it wouldn't hold up to my expecations. But I loved it! Yes, there was a bit too much of *ahem* "marital bliss". And when they showed that one scene at the end {I don't want to spoil it for anyone}, it was probably a little too gruesome, but it actually didn't bother me. Maybe because I read it in the book and was expecting it? Ben was like "eww what the heck?!" haha! Oh, and the scene with the wolves talking was just plain ridiculous. But come on, people, this is not The Great Gatsby. What did you expect?

{sidenote: I hated The Great Gatsby, so I'm really glad it's not anything like that!}

No, it is not a cinematic masterpiece. And if you haven't read or read but didn't love the books, you will probably hate the movie because, well, it is pretty darn weird. But, unlike many other books-to-movies, the story went right along with the book, which made me so happy. It's exciting when you can literally watch your imagination come alive on the big screen. I'm sure there will be people who can't get over the general cheesiness of the story, but that doesn't really bother me because I already know that vampires and werewolves aren't real, so my entire world isn't grounded upon the foundation of the series being based on facts. Plus, the majority of people who read the books are probably going to love it for the simple fact that it is Twilight and we are just plain obsessed. :) And that's that.

So, I'm really good at taking pictures and really bad at uploading them onto my blog. Get ready to see a plethora of 365 pictures over the next few weeks in hopes of sloooowly catching up.

surprise peonies from Ben that he had delivered to me at work

delicious summer fruit salad

the bonfire we built while camping at French Creek

anniversary dinner after horseback riding

my flowers are actually growing!

crab rangoon from my favorite Chinese place

the perfect morning

no, i did not grow these myself, but aren't they pretty?

a lovely almost summer afternoon

the NY boys' semi-annual tournament weekend

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Natasha in Oz said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! I adore the peonies!

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