Saturday, November 5, 2011

Painting Party

So, we decided to hold off on buying a house until we have more money saved up because a massive purchase like that is not something we want to settle on. Normally, this is something that would have sent me in a spiral of sadness {all of those great new decorating ideas down the drain!}, but my husband is a genius and lured me into the light with these five little words: "Let's paint the Living Room!" Oh that man is pure genius! Of course, painting the Living Room turned into painting the entry and the Dining Room as well...but it's an open space and we used the same color, so it was a good compromise!

He's been painting before and after work all week while I watched from the couch, sick as a dog. Once I started feeling better, I finished up the trim and today I'm just cleaning, organizing, and re-purposing/re-decorating. I can't wait to share the after pics! We went with Kilz's "Pewter Ring" but color-matched and used Behr Premium Paint. It looks sooo good! Stay tuned for pictures! :)

1 comment:

jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

Painting always makes a space feel new. So it will tide you over for a while. You are right not to settle. =)

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