Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekly Menu: 3.7-3.13

I often make weekly menus. They help me plan what groceries to buy, and ensure that I'll use up all of my groceries {avoiding the "hmm...I wonder how long have these carrots been in the 'fridge?" dilemma}. I like to start my menus out on Monday since I feel like that is when the work week begins.

Weekly menus also come in handy when company is coming. My sister-in-law will be staying with us this week, and I've come up with a menu that I hope she enjoys. Here it is:

How do you plan for meals? Do you do weekly or monthly menus?


Heather said...

oh, that's a great idea. i wish i was more organized!

Lindsay said...

This all sounds awsome. Now we need the recipes :)

christine, just bella said...

My hubs and I started doing this a few weeks ago and it is a godsend! It so nice to come home and not have to ask "what are we having for dinner?".

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