Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blog Love: 3.8

Some fabulous things I've stumbled upon this week in Blogland...

Ooooh I would love to have a craft space like that!

This is one smoothie I'll definitely be trying.
A photographer and an amazing decorator? Color me jealous!

Check out this fabulous basement makeover by Alice Lane. After everything Stephanie{of NieNie Dialogues} and her precious family have gone through, it's so nice that they have this lovely space to enjoy.

I'll admit it: souffles intimidate me. But with these ridiculously specific directions, I think that even I could make a delicious chocolate souffle without totally screwing it up...maybe.

I could easily spend all day in this beautiful office {be sure to check out her gorgeous kitchen as well!}.

Once I get an iPhone, I'll definitely be purchasing one of these fabulous cases {oh chevron, how I love thee!}.

This girl is as full of profanity as she is of witty anecdotes...AND she can decorate!

The London Fog looks delicious & sounds like the perfect companion to a chilly, Winter evening.


christine, just bella said...

Some great links in this list, thank you for including me! :)

emily said...

I am loving that office and the London Fog sounds tasty!

simplyMae said...

i love the owls!!
And the nursery is beautiful.

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