Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog Love: 1.15

How cozy are these sweater pillows?

I absolutely cannot stand Olivia Palermo...but I love how she dresses.

Check out this adorable "cubby house".

Cute hat ~ hilarious post!

Wow. Who knew IKEA had such potential?

Thrift store finds are my favorite! Check out these incredible transformations.

Another great photo round-up from i heart faces!
{I guess I have kids and babies on the brain? I swear I'm not preggers!}

So, what have you been loving lately?


simplyMae said...

I love sweater pillows they are my fave, also that little kids gray hat is super cute!!

Joi said...

That last photo of that baby in the boot makes me smile. Her expression is too cute!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I love Olivia too (her style). I am weird and even follow her on twitter but she only tweets like once every six months.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed my baby can fit in my boots like that last shot. adorable.

Tori @ said...

love the pics in this post! i have visions of making pillows from old's to hoping I do it one day! :)

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