Friday, April 23, 2010


I realized this evening that I need to fast from blogspot.

No new posts, no comments, no reading other blogs.

{I'm giving you a heads' up so that you don't think I've completely abandoned ship}

I need to realign my priorities and spend some serious time focusing on what is truly important in life.

Please keep me in your prayers during my time away.

See you in 14 days...


Jesse said...

Best of luck to you girl! I'll say a little prayer for you.

Miss Anne said...

prayers are with you.
take time for you.
see you again soon.

Phoenix Peacock said...

Enjoy your fast and remember to live life fully. Breathe Deep, Seek Peace.

simplyMae said...

Will be praying! May you have a good time away.

emily said...

we'll miss you and your fun posts!

Gracefully Vintage said...

I can so relate-i have taken a brake for a bit as well-and now have just started getting back into it.
I tell my husband-kids that blogging is like a world of super creative woman-who are super supportive- love sharing ideas- dont get mad if you copy them- in fact they show you how, a world of imaginiation of what you can do, would love to do and a little peak into all these other ladies lives- with kids,spouses, dogs, jobs, and everyone is nice to each other.
That is why I love it so much-
enjoy your break-and cant wait to see more when your ready..
Love the Blog

Joi said...

I totally understand. While I love blogging, it can be a a little, no wait, alot time consuming!

Thinking of you! : )

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