Monday, April 19, 2010

Cheap Treats: Mini Herb Garden

I love using fresh herbs when I'm cooking. However, I do not love how much fresh herbs cost and I really do not love that they only seem to come in large quantities, resulting in throwing away half of what I purchase.

So, I have decided to start my own little herb garden.

There are lots of bloggers out there with gardens of their own who have helped inspire me to begin this project.

Lindsay, of "From the Aisle to Aloha" has a great herb garden growing on her patio

John and Sherry, of "Young House Love" have a large herb garden growing right outside their window.

Beth, at "The Stories of A to Z" has a great container herb garden.

RubyEllen, of "Cakies", has a truly impressive garden in her back yard.

"OhDeeDoh" featured an incredible Container Garden housed in a Shoe Organizer.

Since the husband and I are currently living in an apartment and since I want my herbs ready now, here is what I will be using for my herb garden:

1) Small plants from Home Depot {instead of seeds}





2) 6" Kardemumma Planters from IKEA

3) 41 oz PS Vallo Watering Can from IKEA

Since I tend to neglect my plants, I'm hoping that having a cute little watering can like this will motivate me to consistently care for my little herb garden.

And, just for fun: a picture and caption from the website,

Flipping the pages hurriedly, he sensed that the potted plants were advancing.
(Photo: Dean Kaufman; Dwell, Dec/Jan 2007)

Flipping the pages hurriedly, he sensed that the potted plants were advancing.
(Photo: Dean Kaufman; Dwell, Dec/Jan 2007)

Do you have a garden? If so, do you have any tips on how I can keep mine alive? :p


val said...

I've been thinking of starting one of these myself! I'm so glad you did this post. I can't wait to hear how yours turns out. Good Luck!

Amanda said...

I live in an apartment so I can not do this. But I love the idea.

Sweet Simplicity said...

I love your little pots!

Mrs. D said...

Shoe organizer! Genius!

A Dog on My Chair said...

Oh Ya, I need to do that! Love those herbs!

Jesse said...

Not sure how I missed this post! I am going for a small tomato garden and hope to curb some of my produce bill at the grocery store. Maybe next year I can have a real garden instead of a few containers. =)

simplyMae said...

fun! I started one of those this year too. mine is a long tin container with parsley, sweet basil, and chives, the seeds haven't sprouted yet. But once they did i was going to do a little blog about them. I hope they grow well, can't wait to hear how yours does too!

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