Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scratch That

Well, I didn't get any of the dresses mentioned in this post. Actually, I didn't buy a dress at all! Half of the dresses were nowhere to be found and the other half looked different in person or just weren't the right fit for me {Shelby, I loooved the one-shoulder dress, but I have giraffe legs and it was way too short! dang it}.

Instead, I shopped their $1{ish} section and came home with a bunch of adorable 4th of July themed plates, cups, and napkins for when our friends come up to visit in July! It was just as fun as dress shopping! :)


simplyvonne said...

I think you have to order the dresses online and some are not in stores, sorry to hear that! i do love their $1 section!

shelby@honeysuckle said...

oh well, I'd rather have long legs anyways. ;)

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