Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Turquoise Chevron Kitchen

We live in an apartment in a quiet little suburb called West Chester, just outside Philadelphia. Although I love our kitchen's open floor plan and granite countertops, the white walls and cupboards make it feel a little on the bland side. We don't want to paint, so I'd like to integrate color {my favorite shade of turquoise} and patterns {chevron, of course} to help spice it up a bit {no pun intended}. Here are some of my ideas:

utensil holder :: anthro

tumbler :: west elm
Could be used as a vase or as a small utensil holder.

tea towels :: etsy

milliken rug :: csn stores
My husband is not a fan of having a rug in the kitchen...but this one might be too fabulous to pass up!

l'epice jar :: anthro
Would be cute individually or as a set.
limmaren bottles :: IKEA
I was thinking I could use 1 for dish soap, 1 for balsamic vinegar, and 1 for olive oil. Thoughts?

mini latte bowls :: anthro

What do you think? Any other recommendations for personalizing an aparment kitchen?


Joi said...

I think your ideas are great! I hope your husband changes his mind on the rug!

Emily said...

I love anything and everything both turquoise and chevron! LOVE the rug!! Maybe you can sweet talk him into it :-)

Emily Hewett
A Well Dressed Home

simplyMae said...

I love all those things, the tea towel is super cute. We have the Ikea 3 bottle set, i actually use them in the bathroom, one for my toner, one is empty and one has bath salts in it. I love them, great colors

FanSea said...

Those tea towels are SO pretty! I think they would go nicely in the beachy homes over at my blog. Stop by if you have a chance! It may look familiar to you. :)

I love the turquoise and black combo and think it would be great for a kitchen theme! Fresh, fun, and modern.

As for the rug, I think hubby will adjust. :) Once he sees how good it looks, he'll wonder why HE didn't think of it! That's how it works at my house!

simplyvonne said...

i have the bottles from ikea. I use it for olive oil, sesame oil and another sauce for the kitchen. Love it!

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