Friday, November 19, 2010


Are you a Gleek?

If not, you should be. I started watching the show to fill the void left by LOST, and I've been hooked from the moment I first heard Sue mock Will's hairstyle.

Check out some clips from this season:

I definitely prefer The Warblers' version over Katy Perry's!

I think this may be my favorite mash-up yet!


Sasha said...

gah! i just watched the whole first season and new season 2 in the past two weeks. love this show! and that mash-up is definitely my favorite :)

Joi said...

Yup. I ♥ Glee!

California Wife said...

These are my favorite moments from this season. I watched both mash-ups multiple times I loved them so much!

simplyMae said...

I did very much enjoy the singing in the rain episode, of course I love Gweneth, we have been watching it since it was on, like season one a lot better than this season but last weeks episode was great!

simplyvonne said...

I just started this season because I have nothing to watch on Tues :D I have to say..Im getting addicted to it also!!! my hubby too but he wont admit to it though :D

Sharstin said...

love it!

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