Monday, September 20, 2010


Ya know how I told you in March that I got a new job?

Well, guess what? I got a new job!

I know, I didn't last very long as Assistant Principal. What can I say? Management is not my cup of tea. Plus, the whole time I was at that job, I desperately just wanted to be in the classroom, teaching little ones!

So, after about a month of searching {and WOW it is difficult to interview for a new job while you still have another job! I felt like a double-agent or something}, I was able to find a Kindergarten Teaching position!

I get to be in the classroom every day, teaching precious little children. Yay!

That being said, they have a different dress code: collared shirts, which I typically despise, so wish me luck! To counter-act the collared shirts, I've been spicing up my look with cute skirts, fabulous cardis, skinny jeans {oh how I love "Donate $ to charity and Wear Jeans on Friday"}, and adorable flats.

Here are some work-appropriate items I'm currently loving:

Old Navy



Old Navy

Old Navy

The Puma flats are a little unusual for me, but they are sooooo comfortable! They also have them in a mushroom color which are not available online, but they do have them at the King of Prussia Puma store, which is just 20 minutes away.

Does your job have a dress code that makes you cringe?

Have you seen any other clothes or shoes in stores that you are dying to purchase?


Joi said...

Congrats on the new job! I want to be a principal someday...and I always wonder if I'll miss the classroom.

You are totally a cute girl and I'm sure you're rocking your wardrobe!

P.S. Did you see that you won the design board giveaway on my blog? Congrats!!! : D

Anonymous said...

i love your choice and btw congratulations! i hope you'll be more fulfilled in your new job. i manage (and work in) a giftshop/dvd rentals/ know the i have to wear comfortable clothes that enable me to carry bundles of mags, etc but presentable too. i dress pretty much like your list but have also worn a lot of 50s inspired dresses this summer. i miss wearing more elegant stuff to work though.

christine, just bella said...

Congratulations on the new job!! What a great reason to go shopping!! I love those puma flats, I was actually surprised that they were puma!

Amy Bird said...

Love that last sweater from Old Navy! This is also my first time to your blog and I LOVE it! You are so pretty too! You got a new follower!
Come check out my blog and follow to if you like it!

Sharstin said...

congrats on your new job girly--that is great:) love all the cute work apparel!

L @ Salt and Sentiment said...

Horray for the new Job Natalie! You are going to be a fantastic teacher. I hear you on those shirts, but you certainly have the right idea on spicing those babies up!

simplyMae said...

Yeah!!! Yes the interviewing for another job while at a job is so weird..I just did it myself. Well now we are both through it :) I'm so happy for you :)
Also now at my new Job I don't have to wear a logo polo to work so I'm soooo happy!!

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