Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Etsy Love: Peachy Keen

Lately, I have really been loving the color peach. It's the perfect Spring color and it can be found in a variety of options: clothes, accessories, and even home decor. Here are some of my favorite finds on etsy that showcase the pretty shade:








What color have you been craving lately?


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i forgot about the beauty of peach!!! thanks for the gorgeous reminder!

Olivia said...

Hey! I just posted the CSN Giveaway! As for my blog layout, my talented boyfriend helped with that one :) I found a fabric that I liked and then he made it my background.

Love your blog!

Creamy White said...

Hi Nathalie, what a beautiful color! Beautiful picures as well.
Have a lovely day,
Hugs, Li

Jesse said...

Love that wreath! I am definitely loving all the shades of pink too.

Leah said...

Love that wreath! I totally forget about this color, and it is lovely!

Sasha said...

lizhutnik is one of my favorite sellers! I bought her "peachy peony ring" about a month ago and can't get enough of it. And people always notice the things I buy from her. Good choice :)


You're not the only one - I've heard this from several people lately. For me, it's blue. I'm crazy for it right now. Have a great weekend and stop by if you have time for my new giveaway. It's a really good one. :)

Laura Hendricks said...

Love the color! I'm obsessed with seafoam green right now for some reason.

Ashleigh said...

Gorgeous shades of peach!
Happy Weekend!

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Beautiful, its a color I actually love to wear, have a sweater in this hue that I adore.

You left a comment asking about a paint color in the home office I'm working on. (I deleted your comment in my email before I remembered to respond.) It is SW 7026 Griffin, while the chalkboard wall is simply chalkboard paint by BMoore with chalk rubbed into the texture of the wall.

Have a great one! Janell

Sharstin said...

I had forgotten about peach! I do love it although--very dreamy~ I love those earrings and the wreath--so cute!

simplyMae said...

the earrings are too cute i was looking at some white and turquoise ones on etsy awhile ago. I love flower earrings

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I've been all over peach lately, too! It was the only thing that seemed to work last week at the shows in NYC. Love this!

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