Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yard Saling

What do you think of the new, festive look? :)

While visiting family in New York, I stumbled upon the most amazing Yard Sale.

Cloth napkins, vintage books, teapots ~ everything you could think of, for very reasonable prices.

So, after about an hour of sifting through everything, I finally decided on a nice assortment of items. When I walked over to the woman who was hosting the sale, she smiled at me and said "Hi! That will be six dollars."


Six dollars...seriously? I honestly thought she was joking. I had at least $25 worth of items in my hands and scattered behind me (I found so much great stuff, I couldn't even hold it all!). Oh, and when I say $25, I mean 25 yard sale dollars...that would equal about 100+ retail store dollars. ;)

Well, she was not joking, and even though I offered to give her more money (hardcore yard-salers, please don't mock me too much for that one), she insisted, and I walked away with a ton of great items and a very full wallet!

Here are a few of my finds...

4x6 gold frame: will be painted white & placed on my new desk in the study

White Teapot ~ already found a home on the turquoise shelf by the dining room

Bamboo Tray ~ may be painted white (like yours, Deb!)

Not pictured: 2 hardcover books on decorating, 4 magenta cloth napkins (for Valentine's day), 1 teal-colored vintage book on gardening, Phase 10 (the game), 1 stove-top cover (I'll be painting it white and hanging it on the wall ~ the scrollwork on it is beautiful!), 1 tall black-and-white laundry basket, 2 3lb weights, and I think there's even more but I can't remember. :)

Have you found any great deals lately?


Joselyn said...

Nice finds! I love yard sales because it's all about the thrill of the hunt. The same goes for thrift stores. However, I just scored some great buys recently at Bed Bath and Beyond. I purchased shams originally selling for $39.99for $2.50. Yard sale, garage sale, thrift or retail stores, bargains are everywhere.

simplyMae said...

What amazing finds!!! How fun you found all that, I can't believe they had that tray it is the exact same one as mine. I have no idea where it came from cause it was a wedding gift. How cool!!

Carrie said...

Wow Natalie! You have amazing yard-sale skills. I am envious. :)

decorator to the stars said...


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh wow! Amazing what a steal. I wish I had stumbled onto that yard sale!

My most recent fab find was a pair of bar stools that was part of someone's trash pile!

I'm going to be showing them in their new home tomorrow!

Stu and Angie Milne said...

i just found your blog through christina at full house and i just wanted to stop by and say hello :) love the fun finds! i was just in ny this past weekend and the yard/tag sales were amazing!! too bad i had almost no room in my suitcase.. drats. love your blog!

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Wow! That sounds like the jack pot to me. That's why I LOVE yard sales! I adore the items you got! Especially that teapot!

Mike said...

I'm jealous of the White Teapot you got. It's really nice.

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