Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Foyer

I'm kicking off our house (apartment) tour with some shots of what you see outside our home, as well as our foyer. Enjoy!

This is what you see when you first enter our apartment complex...

...followed by this :)

The view from our front door

Here is your first clue that my absolute favorite color is gray!

Our door, decorated for Winter. The wreath was purchased at Kohl's last February for $2.49.

When you first walk into our apartment, these are on your left. The frame holds a black and white picture of us with our Bridal Party. The picture frame used to have a green mat, but I painted it metallic gray to match the walls. The "Blessings" key holder was a gift from a friend.

Venture a little further into our humble abode and you will find this charming little bookcase. This was the bookcase at Christmas, filled with all of my Grad School books (so far) and my favorite picture of Mom and Dad. The bookcase was purchased from Walmart. The crystal frame was a wedding gift and it holds our one of (silvery gray!) wedding invitations. The candleholders were a wedding gift (from our BB&B registry) and the candycane candles were from Walmart.

This large frame was a gift from my aunt and it hangs above the bookcase. It used to be gold, so I painted it black to match our dining room. It contains some of our favorite pictures from our wedding day.

Here is a close-up for all of you nosy rosies ;)

This is our bookcase in its current state. The white vases were purchased from Ikea, as was the white box (on sale for 75 cents). All of the other items were gifts.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, our entryway walls are painted GRAY!

Well, that wraps up the first installment of our lovely little nest! I hope you liked it :)


SweDaisy said...

Hi there,
I love the staging of your bookcase. Do you look at pictures for ideas or do you just go with the flow?

take care,

Sweet Simplicity said...

Very cute! Our bedroom walls are grey and I love them. I love the little teapots on the bookcase!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Oh and I am cracking up at your nosey rosies comment. haha!

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